Getting Here / Travel Tips

Most of our guests arrive in Gustavus via Alaska Airlines. From early June to late August, Alaska Airlines flies into Gustavus each evening. It is usually the least expensive way to get here.

If the direct flight into Gustavus on Alaska Airlines does not work out, you can take a flight on smaller plane from Juneau, directly into Gustavus. You can schedule a flight on these smaller planes almost anytime you would like to fly over. Another option now available is to take the ferry from Juneau to Gustavus.   We would love to help you out with your flight plans and don’t want you stressing over it…please give us a call if you have any questions about the best ways to arrive to this amazing destination.  However you arrive, we will meet you at the Gustavus airport or Ferry and you can relax and begin to enjoy your Alaskan vacation. Glacier National Park Alaska, Gustavus Alaska, and the Glacier Bay Country Inn.

Contact us at:
(907) 697-2288 to talk about the best options for you to arrive to this wonderful place.  We love helping so please don’t hesitate to call…even if you’re just exploring your options right now and are not ready to book a trip.

Some other useful travel information for our guests:

Convenient, direct flights come and go daily to Juneau, Skagway, and Haines during the summer.

Alaska airlines has a credit card that gives you a companion pass when you sign up, and another companion pass each year, which can help bring down the cost of flights. They also have a PFD sale every fall that often has rates at 50% their normal cost.

There is no road connection between the communities of Southeast Alaska.

Let us know if you are planning to travel elsewhere in Alaska as part of your trip and we might be able to make some helpful suggestions.

This Alaska Lodge is nothing like the many other traditional Gustavus Alaska Hotels.  Glacier Bay Country Inn is located just outside the town limits and sits on 164 acres bordered by the Glacier Bay National Park Alaska.  We are the closest full service Lodge to the Glacier Bay National Park. We do everything in our power to make sure that your stay at this Alaska Lodge will be an amazing experience you will remember for a lifetime.

We also recommend looking at our rates and packages page for trips that we have put together for you that will make it easy for you to travel to Alaska and have a wonderful and memorable trip.

Comparing places to stay can sometimes be tricky, we have tried to build our website and pricing plans in a way that there will be no suprises when you arrive. We know that a happy visitor to our lodge will result in long term success and friendships.

When to visit:

Our season runs from approximately the last week of May to the second week of September. Rain is a factor in Southeast Alaska, although it generally is very light and most of the time you can still get out and see what Southeast Alaska has to offer even in the rain. We have some rain gear that is available but suggest you bring your own as we may not have your size.

June is historically the driest month of the year and the mountains still have lots of snow on them.

Fishing is good all summer. See our “When to come” page under Alaska Fishing for details about the Salmon runs and the best time to catch specific species of fish.

In short, there is no bad time to come to Alaska.