Getting Here

Most of our guests arrive in Juneau, 50 miles east of us, via Alaska Airlines and then take a small plane from Juneau to Gustavus, Alaska.   However, from early June to early September, Alaska Airlines flies directly into Gustavus each evening.

Like mentioned above, if the direct flight into Gustavus on Alaska Airlines does not work out you can take a flight into Juneau and then jump on smaller plane directly into Gustavus. Another option now available is to take the ferry from Juneau to Gustavus.   We would love to help you out with your flight plans and don’t want you stressing over it…please give us a call if you any questions about the best ways to arrive to this amazing destination.  However you arrive we will meet your flight at the Gustavus airport and you can relax and begin to enjoy that part of your Alaskan vacation that includes Glacier National Park Alaska, Gustavus Alaska, and the Glacier Bay Country Inn.

Contact us at
(480) 215-0244 to talk about the best options for you to arrive to this wonder place.  We love helping so please don’t hesitate to call….even if you’re just exploring your options right now and are not ready to book a trip.

Some other useful travel information for our guests:

Convenient, direct flights come and go daily to Juneau, Skagway, and Haines during the summer.

There is no road connection between the communities of Southeast Alaska.

This Alaska Lodge is nothing like the many other traditional Gustavus Alaska Hotels.  Glacier Bay Country Inn is located just outside the town limits and sits on 163 acres bordered by the Glacier National Park Alaska.  We are the closest full service Lodge to the Glacier Bay National Park. We do everything in our power to make sure that your stay at this Alaska Lodge will be an amazing experience you will remember for a lifetime.