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Photo: Bartlett Lake Hike

There are many beautiful day hikes in the area both within the Glacier Bay National Park and also on the lodge property and Gustavus. We are happy to point you in the right direction and help you obtain maps of these trail systems. There is also fishing equipment available for rent if you are hiking to one of the local rivers during the Salmon runs.

Hiking Trails

Trail Distance Time Description
Forest Loop 1 mile 1 hr Begins at Glacier Bay National Park Visitor’s Center and ends near the dock. Easy. There are a couple of benches along the way. The trail winds through a pond-studded spruce/hemlock forest for one half mile, then descends to the beach.
Bartlett River 4 mile Half Day The trail is not difficult but has a few muddy spots during rainy periods. It meanders along an intertidal lagoon, through the forest, then emerges and ends at the Bartlett River estuary.
Bartlett Lake 6 mile Half Day This trail branches off from the Bartlett River Trail about one quarter mile from the Gustavus Road. It winds through temperate rainforest and leads to Bartlett Lake.
Nagoonberry Loop 2.5 mile 1 hr Take Glen’s Ditch road all the way down to a beautiful scenic meadow. This is a beautiful trail through the berry patches, meadow, and along the Gustavus beach. In the middle of the hike there is a bench where you can sit and soak up the sun. This trail is easily bike accessible as well.
Plane Crash Hike .5 mile ½ hr In 1957, a National Guard plane crashed just 4 miles away and ½ mile off the road. It is a sobering hike but you get to see the thick rainforest and fuselage from the plane.
Waterfall Hike 4 mile Half Day Toward the gravel pits, there is a trail head to a hike that leads to a beautiful waterfall. It is a lot of uphill climb so bring some water.
Enchanted Forest .5 mile 1 hr There are a few short hikes around the lodge. They lead to streams, brooks and bridges. They are paths that few have walked. It is common to see wildlife along the way.

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