Glacier Bay National Park

glacierbayparkBounded by the temperate rainforest of Southeast Alaska, the magnificent expanse of Glacier Bay National Park offers one of the last unspoiled destinations in the American Northwest. Over the past two hundred years, the colossal mountains of ice have retreated to reveal a land unsurpassed in natural wonder and rugged beauty. Designated a World Heritage Site in 1992, Glacier Bay National Park with its 3.2-million-acre wilderness ecosystem is a wonder to behold. Spilling out of the mountains, sixteen gigantic tidewater glaciers fill the sea with icebergs of all imaginable shapes, sizes and shades of blue. Muir Inlet offers a stunning expedition through a channel that leads to the heart of the ice pack — the McBride Glacier. Here one can witness the spectacular scene of calving glaciers, where the ancient fragments break away with a thunderous crack and plummet into the bay in a shroud of deep-blue spray. Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is most easily seen by boat or plane where one can appreciate the vastness of its natural beauty. Whether viewed by wing or rudder, an amphibious landscape of ice-scoured fjords, green valleys, beaches, straits and islands awaits you.

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