Why Fish With Us

  • Our area produces the largest Halibut
  • We fish in protected waters (no cancelled fish days due to rough water)
  • Travel time to blue-ribbon fishing grounds takes less than 40 minutes.
  • Ideal for spouses or non-anglers who want to indulge in Alaska sport fishing for the first time.
  • Because there are no ocean swells where we fish, seasickness is rare.
  • Gustavus halibut anglers appreciate our shallow-water fishing of 90 to 180 feet
  • We fish were the whales are. Each summer, humpback whales migrate to our waters from as far away as Hawaii to feed and fatten up on an abundance of baitfish and herring.

Port Length of Halibut in Inches Length of Halibut in Inches
Ketchikan 29.3 29.4
Craig 21.0 25.2
Petersburg 49.7 48.1
Sitka 31.4 33.7
Juneau 20.5 21.6
GUSTAVUS 45.9 65.8
Yakutat 45.2 39.5
Valdez 38.7 32.5
Whittier 22.1 16.0
Seward 17.9 16.0
Elfin cove 56.7 56.5
Homer 19.9 19.9
Point 20.6 20.6
Kodiak 22.8 19.8

Wife doesn’t like to fish as much as you?

Bring your wife and another couple who are in the same boat. (no pun intended) Fish for two days together. The scenery and the whales are in such abundance that even non-fishermen enjoy the experience, Since these are inland waters the wives won’t get seasick and if the weather is a little wet they can curl up on a bench in the warm cabin and enjoy a good book while you are bringing home the bacon. (halibut). The third day the men can go out again and the lady’s could take in a half day whale watching tour and spend the other half day exploring the local art galleries or just relax back at the lodge on the deck or soak in the hot tub. The fourth day you could all go on the Glacier Bay Day Tour which she will love and you will tolerate.