Saltwater Fishing

Glacier Bay and Icy Strait possess all the best attributes of saltwater big-game fishing, without any of the shortcomings.

Consider the facts as to why our sport fisheries are second to none.

Because we primarily fish inside waters, travel time to blue-ribbon fishing grounds takes less than 40 minutes. Because there are no ocean swells where we fish, seasickness is rare.  The waters we fish are also protected from severe storms, which allow fishing when other areas are blown out.

Each summer, humpback whales migrate to our waters from as far away as Hawaii to feed and fatten up on an abundance of bait fish and herring. The abundance of feed also attracts bottom fish, like Alaska Halibut.

We catch huge halibut here as opposed to what they catch in other parts of Alaska. We have often said the next world record would come from here and last summer what would have been a world record had it been handled correctly, was caught here. A 482 lb monster.

Veteran saltwater anglers fish with us each year because of the sheer number and variety of sport fish we have.

fishingFishing at this Alaska fishing lodge is also ideal for spouses or non-anglers who want to indulge in Alaska sport fishing for the first time. We’re also the destination of choice for the angler or non-angler who wants to take home a sampling of fresh Alaska seafood to share with family and friends.

header_sub22Geography is another reason that makes this area a top choice for salmon. Icy Strait is a funnel through which all halibut and salmon bound for inside waters must pass. Unlike some of the more popular areas of Alaska, Gustavus halibut anglers appreciate our shallow-water fishing of 90 to 180 feet, and very limited competition. We can reach the bottom with either lightweight or heavyweight tackle…and very little lead. Salmon migrate by the tens of thousands through our straits and bays, creating a concentration of fish that must be seen to be believed. Unlike the glacially tinted waters of other areas in Alaska, much of the water we fish is clear. You can see the Alaska Salmon (King and Coho Salmon) fight with power, oftentimes surging after the bait.

Our staff is ready to accommodate you in comfort and safety. Contact us at 907-697-2288 or use our online reservation inquiry form for more information. We have a number of Alaska fishing packages available.

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